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Mental Fitness

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The mental fitness brought by Dr Lefebure's Methods' neurosynchronizer allows you to obtain optimal states of mind, according to your needs.STRESSEMOTIONSENERGYRELAXATIONSLEEPCALMWILLPOWERREADINGMEMORY
60 years of diffusion and many international prizes guarantee the efficiency of Dr Lefebure's neurosynchronizer.
Discovered by Doctor Lefebure, neurosychronization consists in hearing alternating sounds in turns in the right and the left ear, at a regular rhythm, thus creating a rhythm in your thoughts.
The rhythms of neurosychronization improve the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, and thus produce a feeling of relaxation, more optimism, an enrichment of thinking processes, an improvement of the personality, of creativity and the artistic sense, as well as a relief from certain disorders.
This way, when the two hemispheres of the brain function in a synchronized fashion, it is possible to achieve highly coherent and productive states of mind.